Nevermore Edits is a writing group. Over time, it's grown from a small group of friends meeting in one of their homes to a great group of writers and readers that edit, network, and volunteer together.

As Nevermore Edits has grown, its goals have changed. The Nevermore Edits Writing Club's mission is to provide opportunities for writers and readers to come together to improve their craft; to facilitate social networking among writers, readers, editors, and publishers; and to encourage diversity in the literary arts and the greater Tulsa community.

We found a need in Tulsa for young and diverse writers and readers to get together and learn more about their writing and opportunities for career growth. We found a need for genre writers to have a place where their writing is encouraged to flourish. We want to fill this need.

Help us become the great writing community that we know we are capable of becoming. Support us in becoming a non-profit corporation in the state of Oklahoma.


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